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Timeless Message
Just 8 Days Till Valentines Day...Order Today...We Ship for Valentines Day!
Don't send flowers that wilt and die... Or chocolates that deliver guilt and extra pounds...
A store bought card is so...expected, no creativity, no big deal...
This Valentines Day give the unexpected gift that will be treasured!

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Key To My Heart Message in a Bottle with Key and Message in Bottle  
The Key To My Heart
Message in a Bottle

Send the Valentines Day Gift
Voted Most Romantic Gift

Send flowers for Valentines Day that won't wilt or die!

The Perfect
Romantic Gift Idea

They will never forget.


A Romantic Valentines
Gift of Love

Anniversary Gift Idea

Message in a Bottle Gift

Say I Love You or
Will You Marry Me?

Send A
Message in a Bottle
For a Truly
Unique Valentines Gift

Birthday Gift
Anniversary Gift
Say Congratulations
Romantic Gift of Love

Say I Love You
I Miss You
Romantic Valentines Gift

Marriage Proposal
Happy Birthday
Wedding Gift
Valentine's Gift

Need a very special
Anniversary Gift?

Need to get Out
Of The Dog House?

Say I Miss You
I Love You
or Please Forgive Me


Corporate Gifts
Corporate Announcements

A Gift of Congratulations
That Will Create
A Forever Treasure

Valentines Roses
That Don't Wilt and Die
Say I Love You
With a Truly Unique and
Personalized Gift

A Romantic Gift
For Her or Him

A Gift For Mom

S A Romantic Gift
           for Her
Love You
With a Personalized
Gift The #1 Christmas Gift        Love


invitations, gifts, favors
corporate announcements

Unity Sand Available

Corporate Announcements
Corporate Invitations
Personalized Gifts

Send Flowers for
Valentines Day
That will create a memory
and won't wilt or die!

Love Poems and Quotes

Say I Love You

A Special WayTo
Say I Love You


    Message bottle Gift        Message in a Bottle Heart Shaped Bottle With Rose Petals      Corazon  
The Top Selling Message in a Bottle for a Reason!


Don't send flowers that wilt and die
Or chocolates that deliver guilt and extra pounds
A store bought card is so...expected, no creativity, no big deal.
Give the unexpected gift that they will treasure.

Romantic Valentines Day Gift, Create a Forever Treasured Valentines Gift
Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift, Romantic Gift of Love, Say I Love You,
I Miss You, Will You Marry Me...#1 Selling Romantic Valentines Gift,
Romantic Gift, Graduation Gift, Wedding Gift,
Romantic Valentines Gift for Her, Romantic Valentines Gift for Him,
Marriage Proposal, Retirement Gift or a Gift From A Secret Admirer.

A Truly Unique Personalized Gift

Nothing will convey your feelings, sentiments or emotions,
Better than your personalized message in one of our handcrafted
Message in a Bottle Gifts.


Looking for a Romantic Gift of Love?
Our Custom Heart Shaped Bottles Deliver Your Words of Love...
Filling their Heart with Excitement, Emotion, Passion and Fire
That will stir them from within like never before.

        Our Superior Customer Service Team Provides You with a
100%  Customer Satisfaction Assurance!!

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Fortune Magazine, The Chicago Tribune,
Loudoun Times and on Channel 13 and ABC

Honored to have been selected as a gift at the Emmy Awards
And a gift at two Presidential Inauguration Celebrations!

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As a gift or as an invitation, nothing conveys your feelings, emotions,
and sentiments better than your message in one of our bottles!
If you've penned the ultimate love poem or touching quote;
if you want to rekindle your relationship with a romantic gift;
if you want to reconnect with an old friend;
if you want to give a gift that will last a lifetime, send the personalized

Timeless Message In A Bottle Gift and invitations!

When it comes to showing them how you really feel, anything less simply won't do

We Remain The Top Selling
Message in a Bottle
For a Reason!

The First and Only Message in a Bottle
To Be a Gift at the Emmy Awards!

We've Captured the Art
Of Speaking to the Heart

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                             Romantic Gift                               

Message in a Bottle Gift

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Unique Personalized Birthday Gift

Romantic Christmas Gift

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Romantic Valentines Day Gift

Fathers Day Gift For Dad

A A Christmas Gift of Love

M The Perfect Marriage Proposal

   Thanksgiving Gift

A Truly Unique Gift
Unlike Any Other

The Valentines Gift
Most Romantic
Valentines Day Gift!


Create a
Memorable Moment
And A Forever Treasure

Looking For A
Romantic Valentines Day Gift?
Look no further.
Make this Valentines Day Count in a Big Way!

Send Flowers that will not
Wilt or Die, but create a
Lasting Memory

Anniversary Gift
Will You Marry Me
Marriage Proposal

A Gift of Congratulations

The Graduation Gift
That Will Become
A Treasured Keepsake

Send Flowers
For a Unique Gift of Love

Say I Love You
Forgive Me
Will You Marry Me!

The Perfect
Anniversary Gift

Send Flowers For
Valentines Day
That wont wilt and die.


The Gift That Is
Unique and Personalized

Birthday Gift
Graduation Gift

Say I Miss You
I Love You...or

Please Forgive Me

Send a
Message in a Bottle Gift 
To Someone
Serving  in our Military

   Create A
Forever Moment
For Someone
On Their Special Day

Say I Love You
And make it count
 Let them know just how very special they are
to you.


Nothing Can
Say I Love You...
Like our
Message in a Bottle Gift
Send a Love Note or Quote      
The Perfect
Way to
Say I Love You

A Romantic
Anniversary Gift
A Romantic Marriage Proposal or
Just to Say I Love You

Need some
Romantic Gift Ideas?

The Most Romantic Gift
Send Your
Love Poems and Quotes


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