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The Key to My Heart
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Message in a Bottle Gift

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The Key to My Heart
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Message in a Bottle
A Romantic Gift of Love

Message in a Bottle Gift

The Perfect
Gift for Girlfriend
Gift for Boyfriend
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Just want Touch Their Heart in a Special Way!! s z

perfect and arrived on time.  Brought a tear to her
Just wanted to say thank you...it brought tears to her eyes and a huge smile. Thought you might want to know...
Again, thanks for the great gift...Mike M.

Forget Chocolates that create guilt...flowers wilt and die...
Store bought cards are so ho hum...expected and are thrown out.

Give The Gift That Will Create an Unforgettable Moment with Guaranteed Results!

The only gift that will create a pathway to places in their heart
that have never before been touched!

Nothing means more than the thoughtful gift of the created written word
chosen uniquely by you to deliver your heartfelt sentiments!
Timeless Message is the only gift that allows you to create and deliver thoughts and
feelings in a most eloquent meaningful way. A way that will be forever held dear.
Expensive cards and flowers are thrown out, chocolates disappear and create guilt.
A Timeless Message in a Bottle, displayed for all to see, or as a cherished keepsake carefully tucked away, becomes an instant keepsake heirloom for them to enjoy year after year
bringing back heart-felt memories for a lifetime!

Timeless Message... Featured on "The View"
As The Most Romantic Valentine's Day Gift

Create a Moment...A Feeling of Being Special
That No Store Bought Gift Can Provide

Honored to be a gift to the stars at the TV Critics Choice Awards...
A gift at the Emmy Awards Hospitaligy Suite...

Timeless Message Stands Alone in Elegance and Quality.

~Actual Comments From Our Customers~

Almis...Top quality product with amazing service!

Lynn...I was very happy with my purchase.
Just to see the smile on my partner's face was priceless.

Shopper...Excellent gift with
Awesome customer service!

Mike M...You sure made me look good today when she opened
her gift...the response was worth every penny spent...
Everything looked just like I expected it to look...great quality...
thanks so much for your great customer service too. Your site is easy
and quick to navigate. My third, but not my last order with you.

Blake C...you made this Valentine's Day
Simply Amazing...She melted...

Customer Comments Say it All!!!
We provide Custom Handcrafted Heart Shaped Bottles
Only available here at Timeless Message!
Our Superior Customer Service Team
Provides You with a great experience!!

A Wedding Gift for The Bride and Groom
That Will Become a Forever Treaure!

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Voted The Most Romantic Gift on the Web!

Timeless Message ...Featured in Fortune Magazine,
The Chicago Tribune, Danville Register,
The Tribune, Loudoun Times and on Channel 13 and ABC.

Timeless Message in a Bottle... Simply The Best!

We've Captured the Art of Speaking to the Heart


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Romantic Gift

Romantic Valentines Day Gift

Timeless Sea Shore
in a Bottle


Send Your Words
Of Love this


Need the Perfect
Anniversary Gift?


A Truly Unique and
Valentines DayGift

A Anniversary Gift
Birthday Gift
rriage Proposal

Gift of Congratulations

A Gift From the Heart For
Long Distance Relationships

The Most
Romantic Valentines Gift

Send a Message in a Bottle
Just To Say I Love You

Say I Love You
With a Unique Gift
Of Love

beach gift

Timeless Sea Shore
Message in a Bottle




Need a truly unique and
Personalized Gift?


Looking for a Romantic Gift

For Valentines Day?

Unlike any other?

The Perfect Gift to Say Congratulations!

A Gift that will make
Them feel that you took the
Time to create something
Special just for them

No store bought gift will
Touch their Heart Quite like our Message in a Bottle Gift





Sending a Timeless
Message in a Bottle
Shows that you went the extra
Mile to create a gift
Especially for them.
So go ahead,

M Make someone feel special
And make their day!


Ordering is as Easy
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Our Timeless Sea Shore
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