For centuries men and women have used the mysterious and romanticized "message in a bottle" to send and receive special messages. We have captured the charm and spirit of this Old World method of a message in a bottle and refined it by combining our efforts with inspirational and romantic writers and beautiful bottles.

A message in a bottle

If you have difficulty putting your thoughts into words, we have a variety of love poetry ideas for you. We are fortunate to have several high caliber writers to make all of our love poetry ideas extra special. Our goal is to help create a lasting impression for those who mean the most to you by providing you with the best love poetry ideas. We provide the means and encourage our customers to choose from our special love poetry ideas the ones that express their feelings the best.

Love poetry ideas

Are you tired of wandering around the same old shopping malls for good gifts or good ideas for you loved ones? Do you keep bumping into the same things every time? Here is the answer for you. Love and romance poems at the click of a button. Our services make it easy and comfortable for you to choose the best love and romance poems available. The message you select will be printed on aged parchment paper, hand rolled, and secured with an exquisite band.

Charming love and romance poems in a bottle

Whether your romantic love poems are for Mother's Day, graduation, an anniversary, birthday - or just because you want to say "I love you!" - the best gifts start with some careful thought about what to give...
You know she loves hearing how she means the world to you! Express your appreciation for all she brings to your life, for all she does, for her caring ways, for her beauty, for her smile with one of our romantic love poems.

Romantic love poems on aged parchment

Each poem we have is special and unique, just like those important relationships in your life. Love poems and quotes are the perfect birthday gift for your loved ones, anniversary gift, thank you gift, or 'just because I care' gift, anytime! Celebrate those you love with love poems and quotes that only you can give, a gift from your heart. Think about all those times where a special poem about that person would be a unique expression of your love.

Enchanting love poems and quotes

We have a great choice of birthday gift ideas for you to browse through, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. As well as choosing what type of message or poem you will send, you will choose from our wide range of fantastic bottles, each with its own special and unique look. The person receiving the benefit of your birthday gift ideas is sure to be both pleased and taken by the thought that you have put into these birthday gift ideas too.

Great birthday gift ideas

We are excited about combining this Old World concept of a unique nautical gift idea with modern innovations. Our desire is to create a unique and tasteful method to send and receive messages, announcements, and invitations using our unique nautical gift idea as the perfect gift.

A unique nautical gift idea of a message in a bottle

Ever ask yourself, "What will I get them? They have everything!" or "What unique, special gift can I give her?" Or him? You've come to the right place! We came up with the idea of using these romantic gifts of poetry as a great way to send a valuable message in a special way. Our intention is to provide our customers a way to communicate outside the typical greeting card and flowers to loved ones.

Our market research studies tell us that many people are looking for new and different ways to convey their feelings. We have been inspired by our ancestors wonderful innovation. We use an old customary idea to meet our clients' needs. Choose something that represents a bit of both of you and your feelings for them and how you care about their interests.
Our website has everything you need for your anniversary gifts of love and poetry. From choosing your message or creating your own message, to choosing a unique bottle from our range and having it sealed within a round wooden crate. The process for your gift of love could not be easier! We will guide you through the entire process and make sure your gift gets to its destination on time.

Special anniversary gifts of love and poetry